I Failed.

I have seen dreams getting quashed,
Feelings rot, the sort
Of things you don’t expect to happen.
But they do,
and it hurts.
It hurts when you face the truth,
The reality that was veiled,
Something you never realised
Existed till this date.
And when things take a turn
And you end up realising
Your dream has vapourised
Into a big ball of nothingness,
Is when you come to know
That you dreamed a dream
That was pretty meaningless.
I’ll know my worth
Is what I used to say.
I make excuses now,
I don’t know what to say!
I don’t know how to tell people
I failed. I don’t know.
I’m not as good as you thought
I was, maybe.
The hatred has grown.
I saw myself crying
After four years today.
The tears, the sobs
I can’t forget it, nay.
I felt nice after that,
Can’t say much.
The situation was pretty
Messed up.
Contemplating, retrospecting, and such.
This was my biggest failure.
I’m learning, I think.
Learning to accept that I
Can mess up big time.
This might be the reason
I don’t lose hope when I grow up.
I tell myself now, “failing isn’t a crime”.

The Shore You’ll Never Reach

Comely devils rest assured,
The time has come,
How far is the shore?
The shore is here,
Right before our very eyes.
Our vision has diminished
To only the faces that make you smile.
The aesthetic beauty
That’s always allured man.
Those pretty faces,
Those beautiful smiles.
It’s said that what you are
Is what you choose to reveal.
Maybe there’s something behind that
Pretty face that you haven’t even seen.
I believe that the most famous people
Hold the deepest of desires.
The pursuit towards fame
Has left them all broken, and tired.
The faces that charm you,
Might actually be the pulchritudinous
Or maybe, that heavenly sight
Was just the brighter part of the Sun.
But I don’t mind it being the
Brighter or the duller part,
As long as it is the Sun.
For I know that if you make
One smile more than once,
It is the warmth they love,
Not the outrance.


Maybe you’re wrong.
Who knows?
Times change, people change
And so do their thoughts.

Maybe what you thought of him
Isn’t even half true.
He may not be that guy
Who deserves to be with you.

The one you’ve chosen
As your true love;
He may have changed
Just like you.

You never know,
You never can
Of what has become
Of you.

Your smiles once
Took his heart away.
But now he’s changed,
Just like you.

You used to laugh
And talk together.
Maybe those laughs
Won’t return.

Maybe you’ll never
Talk again.
Why hesitate? Go ahead,
Spill your heart out.

Our lives have been reduced
To hope, and nothing else.
A hope that keeps us going still,
But aimless.

Why stop?
Why think?
Why don’t you say
What you want to?

Eliminate all those “maybe’s” from
Your heart, because this moment
Won’t come again,
Maybe even you.

Maybe he’s changed,
Who knows?
But one thing hasn’t,
The heart inside you.


The Perks of Being Practical

Have you ever tried to be optimistic? Well, it is easy. Tell yourself and others that despite being nutmegged 4 times in 30 minutes, you will turn out to be thiago silva tomorrow. You can say to yourself that the good thing will happen tomorrow, but in one corner of your mind, there will always be a rational thinker saying, “Tomorrow, I will have what I deserve, maybe less or maybe more, but at the end of my life, they will all equal to be exactly what I deserved then and now.” No matter how many times you say to people that you are an optimist, you will always know, you are not, because we have brains to figure out what we deserve.

Well, optimism didn’t work, let us try pessimism! “I have been nutmegged 4 times today, but tomorrow I will make it 6.” Did that sound good? I don’t think so. No matter how many times you tell people and yourself that you will fail maths this time, but in one corner of your mind, that rational thinker knows you won’t.

Broadly speaking, and I hope you agree that being an optimist or a pessimist is just a mask, something you pretend to be, and the world believes you, but you are not one. I have often heard retorts from people saying that pessimism is good, when you come to know the result, you feel very happy because you didn’t hope for this. But again, you missed my point. When you yourself knew that you deserved what the outcome was, why would you be happier?

Let me repeat this again, optimism and pessimism are just pretensions, deep inside everyone is practical, rational and knows what is about to hit them, most of the time. Be practical, don’t try to pretend being an optimist or a pessimist. Tell yourself that you will have what you deserve. The outcome may be better or worse than what you deserved sometimes, but you will realise that in the end, it will all balance out. Rather than an optimist or a pessimist, be practical.

The Lucky Me!

I was walking to school,
Hopping over the mud-pools.
With a bag on my shoulders,
It felt like a huge boulder.

Chit-chatting with my fellow mates,
We passed through the narrow, crooked lanes.
Laughing and giggling around,
Entertaining everyone like a circus clown.

I noticed a child also with a bag,
The only difference was that it was filled with crap.
I thought over this painful sight,
Did he know how to read and write?

I approached him and asked his name,
“Ravi”, his reply came.
I asked him to write it down,
“I can’t”, he said with a frown.

Miserable, I joined the others,
The thoughts of him pinched me like a crab’s pincers.
I realized that there were other things to be craving for,
Other than new shoes, clothes and a vacation to Travancore,

These books they before seemed like a burden,
“I am so lucky!”, I thought for certain
I could study, read and write,
My life, it seemed so bright!

I had never thought of this before,
The privileges which life had in store.
With tears in my eyes and thankfulness in my heart,
I darted towards the school gate, for the class was about to start.

The Callous Warfare

The conch-shell sounded, the war had begun,
We were grounded, left by our families shunned.
We had no choice but to fight,
To struggle with all our might.

The cannons boomed, the guns shot,
The dead men were left to rot.
Men fell down here and there,
There was no one who did care.

Blood oozed from their chests,
They were not at fault, they gave their best.
Adrenaline pumped through our muscles,
We went through the crowd in a great hustle.

Unwilling to fight,
To escape from this plight.
We darted to safety through the barren land,
All we could see was dust and sand.

We could not stop, or we would die,
Waving the world our last goodbye.
After a while, we found a fortress,
The pain alleviated after a bit of rest.

We thought of the innocent victims of a stupid conflict,
What would happen to them, we could not predict.
They fought the war with zeal and zest,
Their courage was put to the ultimate test.

Beheaded brutally by the enemy’s swords,
Their souls will rest in the hands of God.
They will be commemorated by us forever,
For their ever-lasting bravery and endeavour.

Life is beautiful

When God made us,
He worked from dawn to dusk.
He gave us life,
Towards success we strive.

We were born to live,
To take less and give.
Life is a docent,
It teaches to enjoy every moment.

Do not sit at home lamenting,
Rather go around and find something interesting.
No one will come and console,
Believe in the power you behold.

You have the potential,
You’re the one who’s special.
Life is awesome, enjoy it
Come what may, but never quit.

Life beholds umpteen surprises,
Keep calm when there are crisis.
Give yourself a chance,
And leap into the vast expanse.

Forget about the yesterday,
Life is beautiful, live it today.
Stop complaining about the past,
It is your life, live it to the last.

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